Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Sakit perut

05 March 2009

Sakit perut

oh man...last night was horrible..it started as a mild discomfort after lunch..i thought maybe because i ate lot..but then again, my bekal nasi isn't finished so mcm mana makan byk lak kan?

after maghrib prayer, it started again, together with loyaness..we had a visitor but i couldn't be bothered..nap for a while but distrupted once in while as hubby's wondering in and out of the room searching something..he fed me with fried rice he cooked and the ache seems lessen for a while..so dapatlah tidur sekejap..

12 midnight...the real pain attacked me.sakit memulas-mulas..kena cherry berry pulak sampai 4-5 kali..ingatkan dah ok la after trips to the loo...rupanya tak..ditambah dgn muntah and sakit sampai menonggeng-nonggeng...baru teringat MADU (Honey).. mintak hubby amik and siap di suapkan sebab dah tak larat nak pegang..lepas makan, sakit mencengkam tu datang balik...but i guess the honey helps because i didn't feel any excruciating pain anymore..

pagi ni dah ok...tapi letih la..

kat ofis episod loya n muntah bermula..dah amik slip doktor tapi cam dah ok lak..tengok la nanti

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