Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Family Celebration

05 January 2010

Family Celebration

After a tiring event, we went back to my parent's house. we would call it rumah PJ as it is in Petaling Jaya. My siblings went to fetch my husband as HE HAD TO WORK ON MY BURFDAY. at first, i was pissed off when he had to cancelled the plan, but after he gave me this, how could i be mad at him? hehe..

So they bought Sate Hj Samuri and KFC, enough for 11 pax as my aunt (Uteh) was with us. LAst-last hanya Saudah&Rahim, mak, ayah, ijah and mat aje. plus Uteh baru bangun tidur. And Umar&Nana baru balik after 10.30pm.

Sedih, but no problemo dude..


Motif: ank tunjuk ini.

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