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25 January 2010


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Oh boy...

Memang macam pisang panas..

Baru join, barang sold 6..! Hebat sungguh Kak Saudah.. Congrats kak..! You can do it..! A few more to go and she's done..! Alhamdulillah..

For those who are in Shah Alam, Damansara Damai, PJ, Kota Damansara, Sungai Buloh.. You can now get Premium Beautiful and Bio Aura now..! Don't hesitate to call Saudah 017 - 880 2541.. ask her anything.. she'd be happy to answer your questions..!

Quick..! While the stocks last..!
source: fazi

Yup, i joined the business end of last year.

I sold my 6 PB even before i get the stock. Easy peasy to sell. Took the PBs and pass it to the buyer. Now only have to collect the money.

So, if u r interested in the products or the business, give me a call and we'll meet. Potential buyers are ready, stocks aje takde..

0178802541 or saudahsalleh@gmail.com.

p/s: Barang baik memang senang nak jual.. insyaAllah..

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