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19 February 2010

I Lost Something...

Not ideas, but the 'rohkerajinantoupdateblog'.

So many things to jot, but time does not permit me to do so.
Okay, here goes the updates.

CNY Holiday.

- went back to Muar on Saturday morning. Early. Around 8+. AM. But still caught in the jam starting from Nilai. We passed the KLIA interchange when my mom called. "Dah bertolak?" "Dah, kat ngan Nilai dah" i said.  "Owh, no jam meh?"  "Nooo la, still early". So we said goodbyes and she asked us to drive carefully and such. Then when exiting the ELITE to merge with NSE, bam...berderet-deret kereta. Man oh man, i bet people had the same idea with us. Early morning, no traffic jams. Dem wrong..Slow moving cars until Seremban R & R. Even with Ops Sikap,  drivers still love to drive along the emergency lane. When nearing Seremban R & R, there's a police booth right at the junction, and that's when all this emergency lane drivers will try to squeeze their big-and-expensive-or-whatever-models-cars into the third lane, causing us, the rule abiding drivers, had to give way to them...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

pictures from google

But  alhamdulillah, no accident that slowed us down, just many cars on the road. While looking at the cars that we passed by, it's truly 1Malaysia. Faces of all races, excited and sleepy, all were heading somewhere, home or hotel, to celebrate or to take time off. 

Exited at Tangkak and had smooth drive to Muar. We stopped at Bandar Muar to buy this.


Then, headed to Batu Pahat to buy rempah at this Syarikat Ismail, if i'm not mistaken. My grandfather used to frequent this shop. The rempah, fuhhh memang sedap. Curry powder, beriyani, rendang, soto sumer ada. What makes it different from other powder ie Adabi, Babas is the mixture. Let say i ordered rempah kari. This kakak will scoop rempah kari plus something plus something, then will goncang the plastic to sebatikan all the rempah. Memang sedap...Different from others. Boleh minta nak pedas atau tak.

For lunch, we ate Beriyani Gam, a famous dish in Batu Pahat. There's two restaurant in Batu Pahat. One is Mohd Shah Beriyani, in front of Putra Hospital

Another is Beriyani Power, located at Taman Soga, near the Batu Pahat Hospital. I like this one better. Reason: comfortable eventhough a bit jauh compared to Mohd Shah. Tak panas and they have air-cond room suitable for function.

Owh, you must order the Sirap Bandung to accompany the Beriyani Gam and Telur Pindang.

Stayed in Muar until Tuesday. Planned to head back to KL on Monday, tapi my mother in law macam tak puas lagi dengan anak bongsu dia, so postpone balik hari Isnin. Best sebab totally relax, tapi pastu bosan sebab takde pape nak buat. Makan, then baca paper/mags then terlelap sebab hubby pun tidur. Eh, sempat main badminton kejap, tengok hubby and his twin main. Diorang ni terror tau, sampai negeri for bergu. 

Tuesday morning, pukul 8.30pagi jugak bertolak. Syukur, no jam not so many cars. so memang best. Tapi tak dapat beli kupang, sebab takde jual lagi.

p/s: all pictures are from Mr. G


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