Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: You r a Customer Service Officer, Then Serve ME d Customer la dey..

23 February 2010

You r a Customer Service Officer, Then Serve ME d Customer la dey..

Customer service still sucks at certain place.

Went to several malls yesterday helping a friend to register phone line and buy a BB phone, only to discover the level of customer services in Malaysia still dreadful.

But in d end, CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. And i have the right to know the information that you held back.

Mentang-mentang la haku pakai baju kurung aje smlm, ingat kami ni cikai ka?

Some more, nak beli BB and line tau.

Bila kami pergi semula ke sana, langsung menggelabah and konon nak buat tak tau.

When it was our turn, she just stare at her notebook and then angkat phone tekan-tekan number.  At least, tell us la u need more time to verify the transaction.  Muka berkerut-kerut.  I had to ask the manager hampeh "What are we waiting for?".

Apparently, she had a dispute with her fiancee, but be professional la. Haku tak heran pun hang gaduh ngan tunang sampai nak putuih, if u see her face yesterday, mmg akan doakan yg buruk-buruk aje kat dia.

We managed to get her name. I think she knew we were trying to get her name to report her appalling behaviour, so she ask her colleague to sign the receipt. I was dare enough to ask, why was the nice girl sign the receipt instead of the b*tch? She entertained us, so she should be the one to issue the receipt. Ha, kena jugak chop nama dia sendiri.

We arrived at 10+am. Monday blues maybe. Then we visited the mall again at 430pm. That one definitely PMS or gaduh punya side effect. BUT, bila lelaki, boleh lak tersengih-sengih cam kerang busuk padahal mamat tu takde pun bagi apa-apa signal yang kata dia minat. Tergedik-gedik sensorang.

Really ruined that moment.


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