Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Diet

19 March 2010


I was supposed to go on diet to assist weight reduction faster. Hehe nak cepat aje tang loose weight..

But I think my body knows it too well when i started mentioning the 'D' word.  They hated it sooo much, that every time I started dieting, my gastric will attack.  Dieting means no sugary food such as gassy drinks and kuihs and biscuit etc, cutting down nasi portion for DINNER only, no fastfood.

I started yesterday. Good job la for first day. Sugary things I ate was only a cupcake given by my colleague (btw, it was so yummeh) and a mini MARS that only have 81kcal (as written on the wrap). Other than that, still within the er...badget? for calorie count.

Last night, around 3.30am, i woke up feeling hungry. Dismiss the feeling as I was too sleepy to walk to the kitchen and ade something to eat or drink. Went to sleep directly after that. Woke up again at 5.30am, went to the kitchen and ate 1 teaspoon of honey mix with warm water. Calmed my perut for a while. Then after an hour, start berkeoncong again.


Nasib baik ada Permium Beautiful.


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