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14 March 2010

SPM Result.. XX years ago

I remembered when i received my result years ago..hehehe tak mau sebut tahun tu.. 

It wasn't what i expected.  Added salt to my injury, it was worst than my trial. Imagine that, my friends result were better than their trial exam, but mine?

I kept the imperfect news to my self. Those were the times handphones are scarcely used.  So my parents couldn't reach me and ask questions until I called them.  Went to school with my friends (I was studying at boarding school) and came home quietly and sulk in my room.  Well, my father's office were nearby, but again, because of the crappy result, sanggup naik bas turun bas dari duduk dalam aircond kereta yang best tu..

When my parents came home, they didn't ask me about the result.  No questions like " Berapa aggregat?" or "Macam mana? okay?". They just asked what time i reached home, and have I eaten and all.

Bila mereka dah rehat, and seeing me a bit calm than before, only they ask about the result.

I told them and miraculously, they did not even bat their eyes!!!

I ask my mom, "Mak tak kecewa ke result kita?"

And my mom answered, "Buat apa mak nak kecewa. Syukur adalah. Mak tau kalau mak kecewa, anak mak lagi kecewa".

Wow, it made me speechless. And I was in tears. Still am while writing this. 

i love you mak..


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