Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: The Story After

03 April 2010

The Story After

Tengah-tengah pilih buku/majalah, rakan saya datang dengan suami beliau dan cakap, "Odah, nilah dia yang makcu nak kenalkan". And i turned around because he was directly behind me. When I saw him, i said to myself "La dia ni ke?".(Strike one)

Rupanya si dia adalah mekanik yang selalu tersipu-sipu bila saya datang ke bengkelnya.  Takpelah, dah jumpa kan, belasah ajelah. So, we went around the Book Fair to find great bargains. Saya banyak membeli, terutamanya novel dan majalah. And he was not gentleman enough to carry the purchases. Talk about typical malay man. Okay, strike two there.

When asked, "Awak tak beli apa-apa ke?", especially when we found magazine about cars like Motor Trader and such, can you believed it he answered "Saya nak cari majalah agama".

Owh man owh man, majalah agama? Well I know he is a good man, but can you at least consider my feelings? Here I was, buying lots and lots of novels and mags like Mingguan Wanita, Rasa, etc etc, the ones yg only hiburan semata-mata, while he was searching something for his erm pious soul?

Strike three there and then. Get out of my list now. We didn't get the chance to talk much because there were crowds everywhere. Padat sangat sampai nak jalan beriring pun susah.  So after penat bershopping, we went out and find a place for fresh air.  Asked my aunt to meet me outside, and she just like to take her own sweet time for that particular moment. Saje nak bagi chance berbual katanya.

We had to attend a wedding invitations, and I made a decision to give him second chance, so I asked him to accompany me to the wedding. So I came home with my aunt and my cousin (arwah Nabilah), while he went to his home with my uncle and his son. Bersiap-siap then make up and everything, so pergi rumah dia to switch car.

Adoi, dalam kereta memang diam aje dia. He talked only to answer my question. Tension mak. Macam mana nak hidup dengan orang macam ni? Pendiam sangat. And soooo skema. Pengsan sekejap. Aduh....

No chemistry at all. I remember asking him why did u like me? And he answered, because I am such a good girl, as if baik la. Coming from a family like mine made him so sure that I was the ONE for him. Giler la, bang. Baru satu date pun dah decide camtuh.  He said, that he mimpi about me when he did solat ishtikharah. Ah sudah.. I am toast man.

In my heart, I know he is not the Mr Right. He was not my type. The type that I like in a guy. Macam mana nak sehidup semati kalau macam tu? So I made a decision that I won't accept pelawaan untuk berjimba dari dia.

But kuasa Allah tiada siapa yang boleh sangkal.  Dia telah menggerakkan hatiku untuk solat ishtikharah dan solat hajat tentang jodoh yang telah ditentukan di Loh Mahfuz lagi. I did not ask Allah to show me who is my jodoh.  Doa saya, jika inilah jodoh saya yang Allah pilih, maka mudahkan dan cepatkanlah urusan ini. It was as simple as that the du'a. I know that if I ask Allah to show the best husband for me, I will be wishing for the cinta kekasih gelapku, even if it is against my parents wishes. I will be in denial if si dia's face muncul dalam mimpiku.

Then, two days after the first blind date, he asked me out. And I said



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