Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Blockage

27 July 2010


I have a lot to write but i am having writer's block right now. harhar writer ke? merapu ada lah.

It's just that I haven't had time to roll out my laptop and start typing unless I am at the office.

Right now, I mean for this whole weekday, we, as in me and hubby, are staying in PJ to help my father. He has been discharge from PPUM on Saturday afternoon, and now recovering at home.

Taking care of him starts from the moment he wakes up, ie bathing, breakfast, medicine, food, toilet thingy big or small, anything that he needs help. It is not that he is invalid, he's not. Just that when he walks, he need somebody to help him stabilized his body before he takes a step, helping him when naik tangga turun tangga, that kind of care.

He is sooo used doing things on his own, bila banyak kena tolong, dia rasa helpless. Selalu cakap tak payah susah-susah. But I always tell him, "Ini tanggungjawab kami sebagai anak-anak. Just let us take care of you for the time being".


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