Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Time out.

07 October 2010

Time out.

Weekends were full of open houses and weddings.


We ie my parents and me only went to ONE open house but because of my cousins wanted to beraya at my parents house, I have to be there too.
Why? My sister was at office, my younger brother pun ada open house, so I would be a horrible daughter if I went home and left my mom to hidang kuih and murtabak, hence the stay at PJ.

On our way back from Bukit Jalil, stopped at USJ Taipan to get Murtabak Singapore. Ordered by my father, their usual purchaser, by phone so it will be ready when we reached there. Argh the smell, so tempting and mouth-watering. Arrived and saw that my brother has set the table, so baik of him. Or he knew he will kena with me if he didn’t do it.

Cut the murtabak and prepare the drinks. They came and borak and left around 6.00pm. Solat and waited for my hubby to come and off we went to Cheras to kutip sewa rumah. Hehe kaya kejap.

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