Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Too sensitive right now

14 October 2010

Too sensitive right now

I am very sensitive at the moment. With my husband. Only my husband.

He's been so busy, he has no energy left to layan me. That makes me very sad. And hence the sulking. Looooong ones.

Last week, right before he was down with fever, I merajuk. Bolayan sama dia. I did the wifey thingy, but without any sound coming from my mouth except important things. Like "nak makan?" or "nak air?".

Always, "Abang banyak kerja la yang...". I know, but can't you leave the worries at the door before you enter our home? Can't you just not trying to solve the problem over the night, when it is my turn to have you by my side?

I don't know. I feel frustrated. Since Ramadhan he is working his butt. I know I know. But think of this before you judge me. Worked from Monday to Sunday in Ramadhan. Last day, on the eve of raya, worked till 6.15pm tau. Then started work on Saturday, instead of Monday as his promised. Working Monday till Sunday, again, and missed all the jemputan sana sini.

I support him in doing his own business. Sacrifice is my middle name starting from 1 Nov 2008.

Entahlah, PMS kot?


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