Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Holiday @ Teluk Batik Day 1

29 December 2010

Holiday @ Teluk Batik Day 1

Upon Arrival - (Noon 25/12/2010)

We stayed here for 3D2N.


Reception area. There's a Souvenir Shop and a Cafe on the right side.

Lunch - no pictures because we arrived very much later than scheduled. So by the time we reached Teluk Batik Resort, all my friends/colleagues dah habis lunch.

Menu - Chicken soup, ulam platter with sambal belacan, tauhu sumbat, Steamed White Rice, Honey ChickenTelur Goreng Berlada, Lamb Dalcha with Potato,             Stir-fry Mixed Vegetables, fruits and jelly.

 Killing time activities.

Had to wait for our room because the previous group checked out pretty late. I do not understand why there are hotel guests checked out later than stipulated extended check out time. It was a peak season period, and normally hotel management do not allow late check-out as they have to ready the rooms for another guest. Unless it is a non-peak season or weekdays or when there's no reservation on check-out day.

Our 1 room apartment. The apartment has a living hall with a TV (AXN, TV3 and TLC channel) and a counter bar with refrigerator and kettle. A non-carpeted room (yeay) but come morning..grrrrr too cold to walk :).

Then later in the afternoon, we rented 3 bicycles (RM 5/hour) and started cruising Teluk Batik Beach.

Dataran Hadhari.

Some of the merchandise sold at the beach

First Night (25/12/2010) - Dinner and Karaoke

 Precious moments with my super duper busy husband.

 Karaoke time - sang Erti Cinta by Maya Karin.

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