Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Oh God I just Remembered

07 December 2010

Oh God I just Remembered

* Sticky Icky Post *

I filled up an order for cupcakes to surprise my husband.

But I forgot to save the blog address.

Dan paling bijak, I dah delete history.

Adoi..macam mana ni?

Kalau owner or reader blog cupcakes yang saya order tu terbaca entry ini, tolong leave comment or email me saudahsalleh@gmail.com or sms me 017-8802541.

Sebab dah terbiasa bila fill up order form, mereka akan hantar confirmation kat email. So I took it for granted akan ada email tentang order tu.

Haiyo, so sorry owner. Even if dah passed the date (10/12/10) I am still willing to continue with the order.

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