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31 January 2011

More Blog Readers For You?

Saya selalu mencari-cari cara untuk meramaikan pembaca blog saya.  Saya pasti ramai blogger juga begitu.

Ada satu cara lain iaitu dengan Join this Promote-Your-Blog-Here.


I Don't Like Negative Ions


29 January 2011

Karnival Karangkraf 2011

I went to Karnival Karangkraf to fulfill my quota for tax rebate for magazines and books.

Mags and free samples

The longest limo, owned by Natasya

My colleague whom I share the love.

my favourite author - Aisya Sofea and Anis Ayuni. Their creations are all at my mini library.

novel - sangat sikit beli. huhu..

So those in Shah Alam or nearby area, go to the Karnival and fill your library with all the fun and educative information.

For novels, there's a 50% discount on selected items, but the selection is quite huge and authors that is famous. There's also a 30% discount on novels, new and delightful stories by established writers.

For magazines, current and past issues are sold there. And when you buy one thing, you will get free samples. And at the NONA's booth, if you buy the new issue and 2 previous month issues, you will get a FREE MAKEOVER. I was running late yesterday, so I just bought one.

The Karnival will last on Sunday (30 January 2011). Hurry and go visit it.

28 January 2011

Mari kita berdoa bersama

sumber: darussyifa'

Semoga Allah memakbulkan doa ini untuk saya dan para pembaca sekalian

27 January 2011

Black Beauty

I love black.

Gucci Web Guccisima Hobo

source: Google

source: Google


26 January 2011

Bila Bercerita

Bila saya bercerita dengan teman-teman tentang business saya,
mereka berkata "Rajinnya".

Bila saya bercerita dengan teman-teman tentang business saya,
mereka berkata "Hang bolehla, belum ada anak".

Bila saya bercerita dengan teman-teman tentang business saya,
mereka berkata "Hang senangla, boleh bawak kereta sendiri"

Bila saya bercerita dengan teman-teman tentang business saya,
mereka berkata "Hang bolehla, pandai cakap, ramai kawan"

Bila saya bercerita dengan teman-teman tentang business saya,
mereka berkata "Hang buat apa la susah-susah. Laki hang bukak bengkel, hang kerja office".

Bila saya bercerita dengan teman-teman tentang business saya,
mereka berkata "Taknak lah, mahal".

Tapi dalam saya bercerita itu, akan adalah kata-kata sebegini,

mereka berkata "Hang tengoklah badan aku ni. Si suami dah perli-perli cakap badan aku naik".

mereka berkata "Aku nak cari duit lebih la Dah"

mereka berkata "Macam mana nak beli, nak tunggu gaji pun semput".

Apa yang perlu saya katakan lagi?


Nora Danish Lega

KUALA LUMPUR: “Saya lega kerana Jejai sudah menceritakan perkara sebenar,” kata aktres Nora Danish (gambar) berhubung kenyataan bekas suaminya yang menegaskan dia tidak ada kaitan dengan perpisahan ahli perniagaan itu dengan pelakon Fasha Sandha.
“Saya nafikan gosip yang mengaitkan percutian saya dengan keluarga Jejai di Jepun sebagai punca perpisahan mereka sedangkan hubungan sudah putus dua bulan sebelum itu,” katanya.
Nora atau nama sebenar, Nora Danish Mohd Hanif, 29, berkata dia perlu bertegas dalam perkara itu kerana tidak mahu namanya dikaitkan lagi.

“Saya tidak mahu orang salah faham dan mengaitkan saya dalam perkara itu. Saya kena bertegas kerana sampai bila-bila pun saya akan dikaitkan dengan perkara ini,” katanya.

Nora berkata, sebelum ini dia sedih kerana sering dikatakan masuk campur dalam hubungan Jejai atau Rizal Ashram Ramli, 34, dengan Fasha atau nama sebenarnya Nur Fasha Sandha Hassan, 27.

“Saya sedar ada spekulasi yang sering mengaitkan nama saya kononnya mengganggu hubungan mereka.

“Walaupun gosip itu tidak menyebut nama, saya sedar ia ditujukan kepada saya tetapi saya cuma diam dan membiarkan masa menentukan. Sekarang sudah jelas dan terjawab,” katanya yang dihubungi, semalam.

Menurutnya, dia tidak ada hak untuk masuk campur dalam urusan perhubungan Jejai dengan Fasha kerana mereka bukan lagi suami isteri.

“Kami sudah lama bercerai dan kalau satu hari nanti mereka ditakdirkan berkahwin pun saya tidak ada sebarang masalah.

“Saya sendiri mengaku sedang mengenali seseorang ketika ini seperti yang Jejai katakan dalam akhbar hari ini (semalam),” katanya.

Nora berkata, sebelum mereka bercuti di Jepun pada 30 Disember lalu, Jejai ada menceritakan kepadanya hubungannya dengan Fasha sudah dua bulan berakhir.

“Saya cuma mendengar saja kerana saya tidak mahu mengambil tahu tetapi bersyukur kerana Jejai memberi kenyataan tidak mengaitkan saya dan saya tidak tahu mengenai kenyataan itu sehinggalah membacanya di akhbar.

“Sebelum ini saya sedih kerana ada sesetengah orang hanya mendengar pandangan sebelah pihak saja dan membuat spekulasi sendiri tanpa meminta penjelasan saya,” katanya.

Mengenai kenyataan Fasha, Jejai masih menghubunginya dan menghantar SMS sepanjang ahli perniagaan itu bercuti, Nora berkata, dia tidak tahu apa-apa.

“Mereka sudah putus dua bulan sebelum kami pergi Jepun, kalau Jejai hantar pun mungkin sebagai kawan yang bertanya khabar.

“Selepas hampir tiga tahun bercerai, ini kali pertama saya mengikut keluarga bekas suami bercuti,” katanya.

sumber: Harian Metro

25 January 2011

Holiday @ Teluk Batik Day 3

Hadiah untuk Sukaneka

Cabutan Bertuah

The Emcee and the Organizer

Johan Badminton Perseorangan

Naib Johan Bergu Campuran

Team B for Sukaneka

Juara Keseluruhan Sukaneka

Bye Teluk Batik Resort

The 10 Commandments of Money

I: Create a Budget That Works in the Real World

What does Weston mean by a “budget that works in the real world”? Weston subscribes to the 50-30-20 model of budgeting. 50% of your take-home income should be spent on stuff you need, such as your bills. If your actual bills take up less than 50%, good job, but many people are over that 50% mark. If you’re over the 50% mark, the remainder comes out of the 30% slice – the money spent on stuff you want, such as entertainment and the like. The other 20% goes to savings of various kinds, like an emergency fund or retirement, depending on your needs.

II: Create a Survival Plan with Cash and Credit

Although the commandment somewhat implies it, Weston isn’t suggesting using credit as part of an emergency fund. Instead, the idea here is that having a strong credit rating and access to a significant line of credit is a useful complement to your emergency fund. An emergency fund should be cash, first and foremost, and Weston interestingly goes beyond that, arguing that another aspect of emergency funds that people overlook is the idea of multiple income streams. In other words, it’s always good to have some sort of side business or side job in place to provide income in the event that your main one fails. Consider it a different type of emergency fund.

III: Pay Off Debt the Smart Way

Weston’s plan for debt management is an interesting mix of elements. She distinguishes between “toxic” debt and nontoxic debt (toxic debt usually has very high interest rates and agreements that put you at the mercy of the lender, and lots of fees – think credit cards) and advises people to pay off toxic debts first, even if some of the toxic debts happen to have a lower interest rate (for the moment) than a secure debt (like a home mortgage). How do you prioritize? Focus on debts that have the potential to cause you even more heartache if you don’t deal with them as soon as possible – like a credit card very close to the balance. If nothing is in panic mode, let interest rates be your guide.

IV: Don’t Avoid Risk … Embrace It, but Sensibly

The best way to invest is to diversify as widely as possible. Don’t have all of your eggs in one basket. Own some cash, some bonds, some real estate, some domestic stocks, some international stocks, some treasury notes, maybe even some commodities or precious metals. This way, if one market tanks, you don’t lose everything. By diversifying like this, you’re essentially betting your future on the productivity of humankind – and if history has shown anything, we’re busy little bees.

V: Your House Is Not a Piggy Bank – Preserve It’s Equity

Weston really recommends not using home equity loans to buy the things you want. Why? When you take out a home equity loan, you increase the amount of risk on your home. If you lose your job or have other difficulties, a home equity loan simply means that you have a higher monthly threshold to leap over just to keep your home, and if you’ve got doubts that you could ever lose your job or face an economic hardship, 2008 should have alleviated those concerns. Similarly, if you’re in the market to buy, buy something smaller than you think you can afford, because the smaller it is, the more likely you are to be able to actually keep it in a downturn.

VI: Saving for Retirement Must Come First

For many people, the 50/30/20 budgeting mentioned in the first part of the book seems a bit much. Saving 20% of their take-home seems beyond the pale. It’s important to remember, though, that some of that 20% refers to saving for retirement. If you’re putting 10% of your paycheck into your 401(k) plan, you’re already halfway to that 20%. Weston strongly encourages everyone to do this, whether you’re three years from retirement or just starting out. Put as much as you can into retirement starting now and don’t let up. The specifics matter much less than the intense focus on saving.

VII: Get a College Education You Can Afford

Studies have shown that an expensive college education has minimal impact on your actual income over the long term as compared to the cost of an education at your local state university. If you get a full ride scholarship to Harvard, great, but don’t mortgage your future under the belief that an Ivy League degree means an instant mountain of cash as compared to the local schools. Stick to your in-state public universities for starters, and supplement even them with community college credits and CLEP credits, which are even cheaper.

VIII: Reserve Insurance for the Big Losses

If you have a healthy emergency fund, insurance should really only exist to cover the biggest losses. Raise your deductibles and lower your premiums, and then compensate for this by having a larger emergency fund. Remember that this is a calculated risk: yes, you’re taking on a bit more risk by doing this, but there’s also significant reward, and if you have a healthy-sized emergency fund, you’re protected against this risk.

IX: Treat Your Marriage Like a Business

The title seems cold, but the idea is good. A marriage is a partnership, and both partners need to agree on goals and how to achieve them. It makes sense for one person in a marriage to be responsible for the day-to-day work of paying bills, checking the mail, and so forth, but the bigger tasks such as evaluating major purchases, setting long term goals, setting budgets, and choosing among different priorities should be decided together and openly discussed. If you feel uncomfortable discussing matters like this, work through that difficulty. You need to be able to work through financial concerns together.

X: Defend Yourself in the War on Consumers

This chapter is a bit political, as it calls for more consumer protection laws and regulations (which some may disagree with). Weston’s idea here is that as an individual consumer, you should always be vigilant about making sure you get a square deal whenever you buy a product or make another personal economic move, but without adequate laws, you’re at the mercy of large businesses that are often in collusion with one another.

*P/S : I got this from email.

24 January 2011

Kau dan aku harus percaya menjalin ikatan irama

Kau dan aku harus bersama walau lain tak serupa

Kau dan aku sepertimu jua

Aku membawa cinta dan cita-cita

Demi esok nan indah untuk kita bersama

Biar ternyata kemahuan kini segala dalam genggamku

source: Google

Rescuing then Need to be rescued.

My sister called yesterday. Her usual question is "Akak kat mana?". I wasn't feeling well so i told her at home.

Then she said, "Akak, kitorang kat U-turn Tropicana. Kereta ayah rosak lagi."

Poor ayah, 3 times in one week. Last Sunday, temprature naik on the way to jemputan. Then at Batu Tiga tol towards Shah Alam masa nak hantar kereta for check-up. And third times the charm yesterday.

Luckily the tow truck man was fast. Only took him around 20 minutes to arrive in the hot scorching weather and very fast took charge to loading the car to the truck.

Sorry gambar terbalik-balik. Dah upload tak rajin nak upload again.

Thank you Mr Tow Truck for the fast service.


23 January 2011

My First Bread

Chocolate Bread. Tweak the recipe a little bit so that we can just eat it without any spread. If you omit the ahocolate chips, you will get white bread.


Do and Reward

In life, we have to do what we have to do, not doing what we LIKE to do.

So, to motivate myself, when I do something that I have to do eventhough I do not like or enjoy the doings, I reward myself for completing the task.

Yesterday, I rewarded myself this.

Tired but excited

Large Ice Blended Coffee with Caramel


22 January 2011

Size does matter

Dalam apa jua perniagaan, kita perlulah mempunyai matlamat dan cita-cita. Bukan hanya perniagaan, hidup kita juga perlukan matlamat dan impian.

Biasanya, impian kita adalah sesuatu yang lebih baik atau lebih hebat atau lebih besar dari apa yang kita punyai sekarang ini.

Bukanlah maknanya kita tak bersyukur, tetapi lebih kepada memotivasikan diri untuk berusaha menjadi lebih hebat.

Contohnya, dari kereta Kancil ke Gen2 ke BMW 5 series, dari apartment ke teres 2 tingkat ke Banglo 5 tingkat. Atau simpanan sebulan dari RM10.00 ke RM10,000.00 sebulan.

Kenapa kita perlukan target yang lebih besar? Atau kenapa kita perlu THINK BIG?


"I like thinking big.
If you're going to be thinking anything,
you might as well think big."-Donald Trump

Beyond The Quote
Challenge yourself to think on a higher level. Go above and beyond the standard of what is expected and strive for the most extraordinary accomplishments.

Kesimpulannya, apabila kita berfikiran jauh dan berimpian besar, kita akan teruja untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut. Kalau saya punya impian BMW 5 series, saya akan kumpulkan wang sekurang-kurangnya  mampu membeli Honda CRV. I won't settle only for Perodua MyVi.

Nampak tak saling-kaitan di situ? Walaupun tak dapat apa yang kita mahukan, sekurang-kurangnya apa yang kita usahakan lebih dari apa yang kita miliki sekarang ini.

Right now, I am thinking BIG. BIG Financial Freedom.

Dari sebuah buku yang saya baca, saya akan menjadi JUTAWAN WANG.

I made the right decision when choosing this business. No regret, malahan bersyukur sangat-sangat Allah bukakan hati saya dan merebut peluang keemasan ini.

Remember, in my previous post, in Millionaire's Mind, They saw opportunities other do not see.

Zaquan Adha: Debaran berakhir

“Hari ini (semalam) saya rasa sangat berdebar kerana hari yang saya tunggu-tunggu sudah tiba dan kini saya sah menjadi suami. Ia satu tanggungjawab yang berat terpaksa saya pikul. Insya-Allah saya akan menjalankan tanggungjawab ini dengan baik. Alhamdulillah semuanya sudah selamat." -Zaquan Adha berkata setelah selesai majlis pernikahan dengan pelakon Ayu Raudhah.

Alhamdulillah, selesai sudah kisah percintaan Zaquan Adha-Ayu Raudhah. Semoga perkahwinan mereka akan berkekalan sehingga akhir hayat.

source:harian metro


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