Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: The Celebration

07 January 2011

The Celebration

Went to San Fransisco Pizza @ Bukit Jelutong.

Tak dapat ambil gambar sebab bateri nyawa-nyawa ikan.

So I searched Mr Google for pictures.

Thank you PjLightHouse.com

I ordered Carbonara and Ice Blended Cappucino, while husband choose Mushroom Chicken with Lime Special.

Food Review

Carbonara - The portion is normal, so if you are hungry, a big no no for sharing. The taste is nice, not too cheesy as it will curdle when it is getting cold and rasa muak. Compared to Big Brothers, for Carbonara, I would choose Pizza San Fransisco.

Ice Blended Cappucino - I drank Ice Blended Caramel at Big Brothers, so no apple to apple comparison. But portion wise, Big Brothers won as it is almost twice the size from Pizza San Fransisco.


Big Brothers is more valuable as you get more, as in portion. Tastewise, both are neck to neck. I think carbonara is RM 15.90 for both outlet.

The Winner

Both. Hehe. Both has pros and cons and for me, semua adalah pemenang.

Address: Bukit Jelutong

No. 1, Jln Pelapik B U8/B,
Seksyen U8,
40150 Shah Alam,
03-7846 6689

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