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17 January 2011

Laptop Accessories

I noticed that when i type at my laptop, if i am in lying position like this,
ideas didn't pour out nicely. Often I have to restructured my sentences or change the story line or even worse, scrap out blogging for the night.

But if I sit while typing, thoughts will gush out like a Niagara Waterfall. The problem in doing so is I have to do it on the dining table, which is a bit far from television.

Multi-tasking is the key, ladies. True? As I am typing, my ears will listen to the music or dialogue or even sometimes watching the show while typing.

That means I have to find a mini table. I do not want to buy a table because we already have the superb RM29.90 Ikea table for entertainment and when not in use, I will have clutters in the house.

What I did was find something similar to a mini table.

And I found this.

or something like this. The one in my house is used as a ladder and now, as a mini laptop table. Easy, non-clutter item and dual usage.



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