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05 January 2011

MC vs Work

On MC again. 5 days through 2011 and I only went to work for 1 day only.

I had tonsilitis (tonsil bengkak) on New Year. But the clinic that I frequent was closed (obviously), so I suffered in silence. Haha. At that time, it wasn't so bad, just a bit uncomfortable feeling but I ignored it. Went to a friend's reception and just resting at home with husband. Umpph priceless moments.


On Sunday, my birthday, dah memang tak larat. Runny nose and slight fever. Celebration had to be postpone. Huhu sedih. But how to celebrate? Sneezing almost every minute, okay tipu, but you know how it is bila selsema ni kan?

So at night, went to the clinic, only to be meet by receptionist-yang-muka-masam-berkerut-nak-muntah-tengok and equally face doctors yang buat kita makin sakit tengok muka dia. Didn't examine me much, tanya-tanya and I mentioned my tonsil bengkak. So she asked me to open my mouth and say 'aaahh' and confirmed the tonsilitis. Hmmm macam I pulak yang doktor. She gave my antibiotics and cough syrup and paracetamol only. I asked for medical certificate as I know the antibiotic and stuff will make me sleep the whole day. Dia tak nak kasi. Geram I. Dia kata datang esok kalau tak okay. They already have my history, so no problem in issuing MC.

Then esok sebab lepas breakfast I terus kababooom, my husband yang baik hati went to the clinic and ask for the MC. Tak kasi jugak sebab I have to come to be examine by the doctor prior to MC issuance. Bengang dengar sebab I dah tau this will arise. Doctor ni macam new face to the clinic, but with sour face like that, no wonder malam tu tak ramai patient. Selalu memang penuh clinic tu and I always go after 9.00pm.

Hmm rezeki I dapat doctor tu. In the end, I just apply EL sebab malas nak minta MC lagi.

Monday night, I kena asthma attack. Dah lama tak kena waktu malam, dah tak ingat what should be done. Semua position tidur tak kena. Baring salah, menyandar salah, mengiring lagilah. Last-last tidur duduk sampai sakit pinggang. But I went to office on Tuesday morning sebab new year kerja-kerja HR and finance memang banyak. I promise my husband to go to panel clinic but I didn't sebab kerja and meeting.

Husband balik lewat and I wanted to cancel to trip to clinic but he insisted. Tak mau I kena attack lagi. So nebulizer.


MC today. But as of now, otak ni ligat dok terfikir tentang kerja. Itu tak siap, yang ni kena settle kan.

In life, it is all about choices. So today I have to choose health first as I know, with health I will be able to finish the work responsibility. If I choose to go to work, I might be able to settle almost all of my work, but my health will be vulnerable. I can't be like that. Like this kakak said and here I quote, Kalau dah sakit dan tak boleh kerja, the company can replace you just like that *snap fingers*. So - buat apa aku nak stress myself out pikir pasal masalah kerja yang tak habis-habis when yang paling penting ialah mendapatkan kesihatan aku tiptop kembali. Unquote.


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