Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: The Millionaire’s Mind

21 January 2011

The Millionaire’s Mind

Mengikut kajian yang dilakukan oleh Dr. Thomas Stanley, JUTAWAN-JUTAWAN di Amerika Syarikat memiliki faktor-faktor berikut:-

·         Being honest with all people
·         Being well discipline
·         Getting along with others
·         Have supportive spouse husband/wife)
·         Work harder than most people
·         Love career/business
·         Have strong leadership qualities
·         Have a competitive spirit/personality
·         Being very well organized
·         Have the ability to sell ideas / products
·         Making wise investments
·         Seeing opportunities other do not see
·         Being my own boss
·         Willing to take financial risk given the right return
·         Have good mentors
·         Have the urge to be well respected
·         Investing in own business
·         Finding profitable niche
·         Have extraordinary energy
·         Physically fit

Yang berwarna merah telah saya laksanakan.



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