Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Great Weekend

28 February 2011

Great Weekend

a) Spending time with Ayah.

Went to a wedding reception at Botanical Garden, Putrajaya. Delicious food. Great company. Nice ambience. Royal treatment sebab tak payah park sendiri kereta. Ada anak sepupu tolong ahaks.

On Sunday, went out to One Utama with Ayah & Ijah. She wanted to find attires for her interview. Good Luck dik. Terjebak sekali membeli 2 pants and 2 t-shirts. Plus discount, cuma RM2++.00. Lunch was at Kluang Station. Alhamdulillah.

Then to The Curve untuk tukar ownership Maxis tapi Maxis offline. Cross the road to IKEA as Umar wanted to treat us meatballs. Yum-meh times two because it's a treat. Sampai cramp kaki haku berjalan :).

Dinner as usual Mohd Chan Abdullah Restaurant, or as we called it Abdullah Chan. This time ayah belanja. Thanks ayah.

b) Diamond Night

Congratulation Fazi. Gorgeous babe.

Next year it is ME on stage.


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