Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Rasa Mas

30 May 2011

Rasa Mas

Buy this (Chicken Chop with Rice/ Breaded Wedges)

RM 12.90

and get this for FREE.

Actually my colleague bought a BIG Promo Coupon for only RM20.00. The salesperson was good, so she bought it.

This coupon will expire on 31 July 2011 so last Saturday, we went to Giant Kota Damansara's outlet. It is situated next to KFC and JM Bariani on first floor.

My husband wanted to try their Mee Bandung so I get to eat the Chicken Chop.  We added Kid's Platter (A plate of RasaMas chicken drummets, nuggets, crispy fried potato wedges and fresh green salad) for RM 7.90. 

For beverages, we choose Teh Tarik and Iced Milo . Not much too choose from though.


a) Chicken Chop with Rice/ Breaded Wedges (RM12.90)
     - The chicken was overcooked. Very dry and too salty for me.
     - The gravy was way too thick. It was a black pepper mushroom sauce.

b) Mee Bandung (RM 7.90)
     - The gravy smells great from the aromatic udang kering.
     - Tasted okay for KLians style of Mee Bandung
     - Not authentic though.

c) Kid's Platter (RM 7.90)
     - 3 nugget, 3 drummet and potato wedges. No sight of fresh salad.
     - Only given a small packet of chili sauce. Tak cukup.
     - Potato wedges sedap, tak macam KFC yang akan sakit kepala bila makan.

d) Teh Tarik (RM 2.50)
     - Sedap.
     - Come together with a piece of Butter Cookies. Macam Danish biscuits. Sedap.

e) Iced Milo (RM 2.80)
     - Biasa aje. Not the best.

f) Service and Ambience
     - A bit slow in service department, sampai I nak cabut ke KFC.
     - At the table we choose, no fork and spoon and tissue for us.
     - Noisy as the staff who's wiping the utensils campak-campak the fork and spoon dalam  tray.
     - No sabun at the washing area.

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