Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Surprise!!! Er...Not

28 May 2011

Surprise!!! Er...Not

My parents celebrated their 38th anniversary this year. And we thought it would be nice to surprise them with a small gathering. Only our siblings and them on 23rd April 2011.

We are all scattered in Klang Valley, but it is hard to meet up in PJ. It's because my younger brother, Umar, who lives in Putrajaya would lepak PJ on Saturday because his wife is working that night. Then my big brother, Adlan, staying in the heart of KL, will come suka hati dia. While me, live in Shah Alam, would come either Saturday or Sunday, depending on my business matters.

So for their anniversary, we'll meet up at my house. Both me and my parents were invited to a wedding in Klang. So I'll chauffer them and then tell them we have to stop at my house to fetch my husband. My siblings will gather at my house and "Surprise!"..

But the secrecy backfired. Haha, so much to surprise them..

What happened was, my mom had a headache and she didn't want to attend the wedding. I went with my father only. Then I asked my mom to go to my house because my aunt will be there too. BUT, my sister didn't know the altered plan and she left WITHOUT my mom. Helped me to buy K.F.C. while Umar was already at my house. With my father it was okay except when my my other brother kept calling me to confirm the year of anniversary as he was buying the cake. 

So when I reached Shah Alam, my husband and Umar had already 'hide' their cars, so my father would think he hadn't come home and he had to come up. Sekali depa tak kunci pintu pulak..And my father perasan and said "Eh, awak tak kunci pintu ke?"..

Argh...stress mak.

Semua tak menjadi. But it was memorable and sweet. Family always comes first.

And my mom pesan, "Tak payah la nak surprise-surprise. Mak ngan ayah boleh agak.."


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