Tinta Si Isteri Mekanik: Day 6 in 2011 *updated*

06 January 2012

Day 6 in 2011 *updated*

While day 2 was my day, Day 6 is His.

Penangan Premium Beautiful, Nurich Lacto Lite dan Maharani *wink wink*.


Simple je. Birthday boy penat so order in.

Apa yang boleh hantar to our house even though the store is quite far and their competitor is nearer but do not deliver to our house?

Dominos Pizza la.

First Class Passion Meal.

We choose combo meal for RM55.00.
- 1 regular first class pizza
- 1 regular pizza
- 1 twisty bread
- 1 crazy chicken crunchies - tom yam
- 1 garlic cheese onion rings.

And add-on Sprite - request dari birthday boy.


Secret..sebab er.....sexy sangat. Hehe. Just a joke.


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